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Goodwill Students Win Latin American Educational Foundation Awards

This summer, Goodwill’s ¡LISTO! program “Latinos Involved in Sharing Tomorrow’s Opportunities” was privileged to learn that six of its students were recipients of a $1,000 scholarship from the Latin American Educational Foundation.

Goodwill facilitator Kat Trevino worked hard helping students write essays and proofread applications in order to meet the March deadline and it paid off.  This month, Kat and Volunteer Coordinator Sonia Flores were able to take part in the LAEF Scholarship awards ceremony at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.  They cheered along with the proud parents as students went up to the podium and received the award.

One winner, Ana Caudillo, is a Northridge High School student in Greeley.  Ana is a native of Mexico and recalls having a hard time adjusting to life in the USA.  This year she took math classes at the University of Northern Colorado, and took multiple science courses such as chemistry, physics, and AP Biology.  Now that she lives here and has learned the English language, she volunteers as an interpreter.  She enjoys helping the community by organizing food drives and conducting fundraising opportunities that help the Hispanic community.  Way to go Ana!

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Do you collect anything? I wanted to see what kinds of shakers people were donating to Goodwill because they didn’t want them anymore, and I certainly saw a ton of creative salt and pepper shakers.  Enough to start a collection!

Country kitchen describes the décor of these watering cans and cupcake style shakers.

Dutch? This little boy and girl set could complete a blue and white set of dishes. Or there’s this more antique looking boy and girl set.

Lighthouses are a thing I’d never imagine in a set of shakers, but here they are!

Danish cooks add a little fun to a kitchen dedicated to cooking!

Wooden mushrooms would match a much more earthy look.

For a more clean upscale look, these clear salt and pepper shakers could go with decorative glass dinner sets and look like they would be set out for special meals.


Start your Halloween shopping early!

Let’s get the introductions out of the way….First, my name is DeeAnna and I’m the newest contributor here at Thrifting Denver.  I can’t wait to show you all of the wonderful things I have re-loved and re-created from Goodwill items.  It all started about a year and a half ago when I was in a car accident and the recovery that followed.  I couldn’t drive for six months due to a brain injury,  I had A LOT of time on my hands and I found myself reading all kinds of blogs.  I stumbled across Eddie Ross and he was always talking about shopping at Goodwill.  I don’t think I had ever been in a store prior to that.  I walked in promptly found a Michael Kors tunic with the tags still attached for $4.99, and I have been hooked ever since!  I started my own blog September the March a year ago and then A Little Junk In My Trunk came about in January, a blog about All Things Goodwill and my quest to find the ever elusive Dale of Norway sweater!  Enough about me, let’s get shopping.
Here are some adorable “costumes” that I created from the Goodwill. I went to the Leetsdale and Bellview stores to gather my goods. Dress up gear still in the packaging.
Good Afternoon Ghost Bustahs……..

Goodwill has racks and racks of traditional costumes that are just waiting for you!

I had something a little different in mind than the pre-made variety. Keeping in mind that schools have a “no gore” policy, and we are keeping the little girls covered up, I came up with some appropriate costumes with a little money and a bit of imagination.

I say Sally Draper, but you can call her “1950’s Girl”.

The princess phone is from the Goodwill on Leetsdale ($7.99)
Adorable Polka-Dot Dress is from the Goodwill on Bellview ($4.99)
(the vintage crinoline is from my collection)

Brilliant Doctor, Caring Veterinarian, Hard Working Nurse

Every Goodwill has a large section of scrubs for you to choose from. Prices range from $3.99 to $6.99

Princess Leah with the fabulous cinnamon roll buns on her head!

Costume from Goodwill on Bellview ($4.99)

(I think this is an “angel” or “queen” costume that we added suede boots and cool cinnamon roll buns that were twisted by me.)

With a little imagination and some good searching skills you can put together a modest, fun and appropriate costume for your little girl or boy!

Shop Goodwill first and see what you can put together. Come back for more costumes as we start the countdown to Halloween!

Editor’s Note: Welcome DeeAnna! We are thrilled to have you contribute!

Story of the Week: Leonard Rink

Leonard Rink has been a farmer all of his life. He loves the land, his tractor, and spending his days outside with the animals. Leonard has made his living off of the land for more than 50 years, but as the days have flown by, and he’s encountered some of life’s difficulties, farming the land he loves has become just a little more difficult.

Leonard recently had a knee replacement and needs to have a shoulder replaced as well, but he hasn’t let a few physical ailments slow him down. Instead, he’s been working with Goodwill’s AgrAbility project to find new and easier ways to access his tractors and keep working the land he loves without exacerbating his injuries or creating new ones.

AgrAbility staff including occupational therapists and OT students recently traveled to the Rink Farm in Holly, CO to help Leonard get back on his feet. We helped find ways to add new steps to his tractors to make them easier to access, and helped him find a better way to latch the doors on a few as well. All it took was a few small adjustments, and Leonard is going strong this harvest season.

YAAAWWWN! Lounging pants

It’s sad, but true. With Labor Day yesterday, summer comes to a close. The mornings are a bit crisper, and the evenings whisper that there is cooler air coming our way. This Labor day, I hope you took an  opportunity to lounge around a bit. If you didn’t get to lounge much, there’s always next weekend! Here are some of the great lounge pants you can find at your local Goodwill right now!

Nap Time makes this soft, luxury cotton pair, which is perfect for those remaining days of summer, but can transition nicely as the cold air approaches.

Moving into warmer bottoms and cooler weather, soft knit is my favorite.  It conforms to your body and stretches when you need it to stretch. These pants are made by Secret Treasures sleepwear.

Sonoma got it right with knitwear that’s stylish and thin, yet long-john type of texture….who’s starting to get sleepy?

Once fall starts in full force, you’re going to love this flannel pair.

Or how about this cute, trendy plaid pair by Victoria’s Secret PINK?

Story of the Week: Cleo Clausell

When Cleo Clausell first encountered Goodwill, she wasn’t sure what we did and how our stores might have anything to do with her. But after a fantastic summer of 2010, Cleo has completed job readiness training with Goodwill, turned an internship with First Bank into a permanent position with a little help from her Goodwill case manager, and can tell you all about the ins and outs of Goodwill.

Cleo knows that whenever you shop or donate to Goodwill, you are helping support programs like the one she participated in this summer. This week, she’s being featured on Goodwill Industries International’s MyStory blog. Go check out her story, and the awesome podcast she recorded to go along with it, here!

Congrats on all of your success Cleo!

Repurposing: taking unused items and turning them into a Grecian combo.

I love re-purposing accessories of some sort into jewelry.  I find it fun and creative and useful.

Since I will be heading out to see Greece this fall, I’ve been in the mood to create jewelry with some Grecian flair.

I took an old junky 1980’s belt I got for a few bucks at Goodwill and broke it down into a much more delicate necklace and earring set.

This bracelet I used to turn into the decorative part of the combination was comprised of some beadwork my grandmother did back in the 1950’s, where she had made and made her own bracelet.  It was pretty, but I don’t wear bracelets, so I was wondering what I could re-purpose and make something I would use.

In order to work with heavy types of metal, you need a pair of needle nose pliers and a sturdy pair of thicker pliers. You will need to use both when you are pulling the metal pieces apart.  There was a very gaudy metal piece between the belt chain, so I ended up pulling that out and creating a longer necklace. Then I separated the bracelet links and cut wire and voila! I had myself an earring and necklace set that is ready for Greece to see!

The total time for the project probably took about an hour total, and part of it was just figuring out how to put everything together. It is really fun to see the final product that has been created by your own hands.

Another thing I did was break apart a silver metal belt again purchased at a thrift store, and turned them into lightweight and handy silver earrings. This probably took all of 15 minutes to make, and now I have another pair of earrings that will be traveling with me in the near future.

– April

Goodwill Denver Wins $100,000 Daniels Fund Grant

Goodwill Industries of Denver announced today that it has received a $100,000 Daniels Fund grant to support its Youth Services programs.

The grant goes to support our programs in 25 local high schools in the metro Denver area. Every day, Goodwill teachers are working hard in these schools to help students stay on the path toward graduation and career success.

One of these students is Ariana Kasper, a wonderful young woman who has dealt with her fair share of struggles in life, but overcome them all thanks to a lot of determination, hard work, and a little push from Goodwill.

The Daniels Fund has been a wonderful supporter of Goodwill over the years, and we’re so honored to accept this grant. If you’d like more details, you can read the official press release on our main site.

Trend of the week: Back to School for Teens!

We were all teenagers at one point right? Remember how important it was to fit in? To have the right outfit?

Back to school shopping is an important rite of passage for any teenager, and Goodwill has the clothes you need to stand out in the crowd (while fitting in of course!)

Plaids are very popular this year. This year Goodwill has the CUTEST plaids!

Mossimo is a great teen brand. This plaid dress can be worn on its own, with leggings or jeans. It can be belted or worn with a scarf (great clash in plaids). Mossimo dress size XS: $6.99, Scarf: $3.99

Speaking of leggings, This outfit is perfectly teen: A hoodie and a long t-shirt seems to be a staple in almost every teen outfit. Make it grey and you are IN! Delia Small t-shirt, $3.49. Miss Chevous hoodie: $4.99, size Small.

Here’s a grey t-shirt, this timeless color goes great with a trendy scarf and cargo shorts (adjustable size). This is great for just at the start of the fall. Shirt is again Mossimo, $3.49, shorts made by Insides for $3.99, and the scarf goes for $5.99. What a perfect staple accessory!

Here’s my favorite outfit:  Prophisy dress for $6.99.  So cute!

You can find these outfits and more for about 1/10 of what they’d cost brand new at the Goodwill on Archer. Come by today!

– April